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KnitMeter users have knit, crochet, and spun over 16,172 meters of yarn per day this year

You can keep track and show others how much you have knit, crocheted, and spun with your own KnitMeter

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Recent Entries

  • Aisling just knit 1655 yards on her Foxglove Cardigan
  • Kirsten just knit 140 meters on her Te Ara pv
  • rose just knit 133 yards on her Quick ombre hat
  • Sandra just knit 929 yards on her Himalayan Salt (Take 2)
  • Steven just knit 368 yards on her Beachcomber Socks
  • Leedra just crocheted 1972 yards on her Tunisian Ten Stitch - Multi/Mason
  • Libby just knit 2000 yards on her Rhinebeck Sweetgum
  • Lou Wanna just knit 1260 yards on her My Cryptonite

KnitMeter is a widget that you can put on your blog or web page to show others how much you have knit, crochetted, or spun. Its completely free and easy to use.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create a KnitMeter account (all you need is an email address)
  2. Add entries each day as you knit or as you finish projects
  3. Add the widget to your blog or web page. Instructions are included and are easy to follow.
  4. Your widgets will automatically be updated whenever you add new entries on KnitMeter.com

Welcome to the new and improved KnitMeter.com

We are proud to announce a complete site re-design and several frequently requested features:

  • You can now select from Knitting, Crocheting, or Spinning
  • Widget settings such as colors, time periods, etc can now be changed on the KnitMeter site instead of modifying the code that you place on your own website
  • You can chose to make your entries public, meaning that they will show up with a link to your site on the KnitMeter home page
  • Added an option to show how much you knit last year (meaning the calendar year prior to this one)